Scott Charles Woodward

Scott Charles Woodward serves as the Client Intake Manager for Melville Johnson, P.C. As the firm’s initial point of contact, legal screener, consultation booker and contract procurer, Scott helps to establish a well-defined information path for all clients seeking our assistance with a case or claim. With his generalist knowledge of federal employment laws and procedures, Scott offers potential clients the preliminary support needed to create a solid case summary, establish a clear timeline of events and gather vital facts for review during an initial consultation with our Senior Partner. During the consultation, this baseline information is used to determine if the case or claim stands a good chance at successful resolution. If the firm and client proceed, Scott continues on as a daily go-between with the client and attorney assigned to their case, serving as an invaluable facilitator throughout the process.

Prior to Mr. Woodward’s role with our firm, he spent over a decade in various client relations and customer service management roles where his natural people skills were put to good use for both his clients and colleagues. With an intuitive ability to discern what information will prove most valuable for solving a problem, Scott’s passion for helping people accomplish both their personal and professional goals has been a lifelong source of inspiration for him and the people who work by his side. Before entering the workforce, Scott attended Georgia Perimeter College where he earned a degree in Technical Drawing and Drafting with future plans to further his education by pursuing degrees in Business Management and Accounting.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

“Despite the complexity of my situation, Melville Johnson took on my claim and immediately put me at ease with a clear demonstration of their expertise with EEO law. From the very start, the firm’s team members have been amazing to work with—hardworking, honest and extremely trustworthy. I would recommend them to anyone who needed this type of legal assistance!”
- Bridget B.

“I really appreciate how much Melville Johnson cared about my case. From the very beginning of the process, they were friendly and very informative. We won the case, and they were even helpful afterwards, answering any questions or concerns. Thank you Melville Johnson, and I will definitely pass your good work along to others in need.”
- Jim R.

“Once again, I appreciate your work to bring about this happy result. It would not have happened without your efforts.”
- Darian

“My praise for Melville Johnson is simply saying thank you for helping me when no one else would.”
- Dan B.