Security Clearance Representation

In matters of national security, the U.S. government must deem that a person or company is eligible for access to highly classified information considered restricted or off limits before that federal employee or entity can legally access the sensitive data in question. If you’ve already gained security clearance access in your federal agency and know it’s at risk or is in danger of being taken away, there’s a good chance you may already be anticipating an impending termination of your role. The expert security clearance attorneys at Melville Johnson are prepared to assist you with advanced legal representation that draws from our specialized knowledge about all relevant laws and practices to help you navigate this often confusing process. What’s more, thanks to our specific experience in matters of security clearance at every level of the federal government, we are well aware of a variety of situations—in both a current federal role or a former one—where this type of specialized legal assistance can benefit you.


Expert legal guidance and total support during your application process can be the difference between winning or losing a security clearance case during the adjudication process. It might be that you were denied security clearance because you were deemed unreliable or untrustworthy with regards to handling restricted or top secret information. Whatever the situation may be, skilled legal representation is required—whether filing appropriate applications or gathering pertinent information to help support your case.


Presented with the Statement of Reasons that your security clearance application was denied, your response must be based in sound legal facts and evidence to support your case. Regardless of your situation—whether denial was made in response to specific individual circumstances or even a previous criminal record—Melville Johnson’s seasoned security clearance attorneys are well-familiar with the legal process surrounding this kind of situation and can help you confidently navigate your response.


In the event that you have been denied clearance vital to your work for a Federal Agency, scheduling a hearing to appear before an Administrative Judge is likely your next step. You may not be aware that this hearing must be scheduled within 15 days upon hearing the Statement of Reasons you received as part of your denial or you will lose your right to this hearing. Our security clearance attorneys can assist you with this process and ensure you are compliant with all the necessary steps involved.

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